100 fields to celebrate 100 years

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This week the Republic of Lithuania is celebrating 100 years of the Restored Independence. On February 16, 1918 the Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence and proclaimed re-establishing an independent state, based on democratic principles and severing all previous links with other states. While various celebrations are happening all around the country (http://www.lietuva.lt/100/en), the Resistance agents from Kaunas and Vilnius made a multi-layer of 100 fields over the town of Kaunas and dedicated it to the 100 years of Lithuanian State.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/I2nLLwdgOTvphoL42

2017-09-17 Pora rekordų!

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Kaunas buvo užklotas net 61 sluoksniu, o visoje Lietuvoje buvo 93 dideli fieldai!!

Nuotraukos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jGaFNcp6oyYOtn5y1

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2017-06-06 Lietuvos dengimas

56M MUs in 14 layers over the lands once inhabited by Aestian tribes

This is what Resistance agents from six countries – Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Sweden – have put up for the checkpoint in the early hours of June 7th. More than 50 agents cleared 230+ alerts opening up about 2500 km of linking lanes – these are just some of the numbers to get the feeling of the scope of the operation.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/Vr7ZtWSCSMLm6svQA

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