Fielding Memory Box, 2017-06-06

When G+ went away, it took a host of previous sit-reps with it. We will be revisiting those memories and gradually re-posting what has been saved under the label „History“. First in the line, by the request of a reader, full text and pictures from G+ were added to the original post about „Cover of Lithuania, June 6th of 2017“.

Cover of Lithuania, June 6th of 2017

Read it HERE.

Retrospectively, this was probably the largest fielding operation organised by Lithuanian agents. It gradually grew from smaller ops, together with the ambitions and appetite of the participants. One step further and it would have grown out of „cover Lithuania“ label, but we never made that step. There were half-joking discussions anchors in northern Estonia, but they remained in words.

Clearly visible even on the world-scale, this operation will probably retain the title of one of the most prominent achievements. It wouldn’t have happened without the determination and drive for excellence of non-other than @SeletonXC. This was the peak of his career, which was always fueled by the desire to implement bigger, better and more intricate fielding plans.

As we didn’t have the same documentation standards as we do nowadays, there are no selfies to look back upon, just intel screenshots and a long list of names, and the fondest memories of that night.