New local record

Last checkpoints of 2019.13 in NR03-ECHO-14

The 2019.13 septicycle in NR03-ECHO-14 finished with a new local record for Resistance – highest single-cycle score of 2.5M MU. Which is not that surprising, as the town of Vilnius was under blue fields for the better half of the cycle – 19 checkpoints.

CP results of 2019.13

Fields from the previous cycle successfully withstood several take-down attempts. A clever selection of anchors was one of the factors that ensured the longevity of the fields – it was impossible to destroy all layers by visiting just one spot, thus giving enough time for the Resistance to rebuild and add layers. The most significant input in this matter was from agent @Alfux, who, among other adventures, had a 12 hour drive visiting Sekonys and making 19 blue layers on Wednesday.

When the multilayer was finally taken down from all three corners on Saturday night, the accumulated MU was sufficient to beat the previous best cycle score of 1.9M MU.

2019-04-03 23:46

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