September Fielding

Idea and plan – @SeletonXC
Key farm – @malc01mm and @Telefonur
Key exchange – @VadzikS @SeletonXC, @Dzedajus, @jegis
Intel – @NePaWytas, @INeedMoreTime, @Vilpalu
Cleaning – @NZet, @1D34, @GintarisLTU, @ApuokasKvadratu, @KabinZ, @Zymanc, @hermltu, @RoastedDuck, @cryingrock1, @Vorfas, @Dzedajus, @spaudikas, @ksarunas1, @LuckyMan, @GeoKatinai, @Dione5Lt, @Solesita, @Amb3rs, @sawazz007, @Vaidyte, @Prosacas, @skainetas, @KickTheBUCKET, @XuanoPedroXV
Fielding – @Telefonur, @katrisha, @SeletonXC, @rheartsx, @LTUBenas, @jegis, @Siega123
Checkpoint – 02:00 Sun 15 Sep (UTC+3)
Layers – 35
MU captured – 37M
Medals – Onyx Illuminator by @rheartsx, Platinum Illuminator and level 11 by @LTUBenas

After some quiet time without big fields, Lithuanian Resistance, with the help of Belarussian colleagues, gets back into shape with a 37M MU worth multi-layer over the country. At the end of August @SeletonXC, author of most ambitious Lithuanian fieldings, returns from his self-proclaimed retirement with an idea for his „last op” – to cover most of the country, including two biggest cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, using anchors in hard to reach, or far-away areas, one of the angles being in Belarus. Just two weeks later, in the evening of September 14th the teams set out to execute the plan, and after some walking, a lot of driving and some kayaking the fields are up. Fielding lasts for two hours – GPS issues and driving between major anchors – a little longer than we are used to. The fields range from 1M to 1.15M MU. Two of the planned fields are late into the checkpoint, but hey, it’s still 37M at the checkpoint, with the bulk falling into Kaunas (19M) and Vilnius (10M) cells. And it feels great to be working as a team again.

MU spike in Kaunas cell
Kayak in the dark
Flowers from the eye in the sky

Fielding Memory Box, 2017-06-06

When G+ went away, it took a host of previous sit-reps with it. We will be revisiting those memories and gradually re-posting what has been saved under the label „History“. First in the line, by the request of a reader, full text and pictures from G+ were added to the original post about „Cover of Lithuania, June 6th of 2017“.

Cover of Lithuania, June 6th of 2017

Read it HERE.

Retrospectively, this was probably the largest fielding operation organised by Lithuanian agents. It gradually grew from smaller ops, together with the ambitions and appetite of the participants. One step further and it would have grown out of „cover Lithuania“ label, but we never made that step. There were half-joking discussions anchors in northern Estonia, but they remained in words.

Clearly visible even on the world-scale, this operation will probably retain the title of one of the most prominent achievements. It wouldn’t have happened without the determination and drive for excellence of non-other than @SeletonXC. This was the peak of his career, which was always fueled by the desire to implement bigger, better and more intricate fielding plans.

As we didn’t have the same documentation standards as we do nowadays, there are no selfies to look back upon, just intel screenshots and a long list of names, and the fondest memories of that night.

Every MU matters

The field that could have saved the cycle

The 2019.14 turned out to be a tough cycle in NR03-ECHO-14. The biggest confrontation was mostly on the local-level, with both factions focused on destroying BAFs on the outskirts of town and building their own. This cycle witnessed much more activity around the checkpoints and strategically placed cross-links than many others before it. The results seemed quite similar, but the Enlightened were in the lead at every checkpoint. By the end of the cycle it was clear that a city-covering field is needed for the Resistance to overturn the result.

Fields at 2019-04-16 20.00 CP

After some discussion the fielding was scheduled for the 33rd checkpoint. That evening was a bit chaotic. The plan was finalized mere minutes before the teams set on the road and the transcript was only three lines. One cleaning crew had only 100 XMPs on two people. The opposition was prepared (which is something to be expected when you use the same base-link third time in a row) – there were at least three Enlightened teams making cross-links and delaying the fielding. As a pleasant surprise – one portion of the cross-links went out into the opposite direction, as they probably expected a larger field. The experience of the Resistance teams and sheer luck was what made it possible to put up the fields just before the checkpoint. Two newbies were suddenly promoted to fielders and dropped-off on the anchor as their driver rushed off to take-out the final cross-link. Three layers went through the checkpoint, which was enough to overturn the result at the checkpoint.

Late-night work by @kamiccolo and @shimis

Everyone scattered around afterwards, trying to take out as much green, as possible. One team patrolled the southern part of town for better half of the night. Both factions made final local fields in the early morning, before the 6 AM checkpoint.

2019.14 34th CP
2019.14 35th CP

After such hustle, the morning was a bit anticlimactic. The Resistance had lost the cycle by only 15 MU (126.967 to 126.982). Which means that less than 550 MU were needed to win the cycle – one more layer at the checkpoint, one more inner field, one more taken-down green field… That „one more” didn’t happen for the Resistance that night, reminding once again the lesson, that every MU in every little corner of the cell counts towards the victory.

Participants of the 33rd CP fielding:

Plan — @KabinZ
Intel — @INeedMoreTime
Cleaning — @Alfux, @Kabinz, @ApuokasKvadratu, @trajakas289, @Zymanc, @Perkuns2, @pukisBalta, @cryingrock1
Fielding — @lordb1 and @kamiccolo (Našlėnai), @gosferano and @cryingrock1 (Turgeliai)
Checkpoint — 20:00 Tue 16 Apr (UTC+3)
Layers — 3
MU captured — about 690K MU
Medals — gold (@gosferano)

Also, two level-ups that night (@gosferano and @shimis)

New local record

Last checkpoints of 2019.13 in NR03-ECHO-14

The 2019.13 septicycle in NR03-ECHO-14 finished with a new local record for Resistance – highest single-cycle score of 2.5M MU. Which is not that surprising, as the town of Vilnius was under blue fields for the better half of the cycle – 19 checkpoints.

CP results of 2019.13

Fields from the previous cycle successfully withstood several take-down attempts. A clever selection of anchors was one of the factors that ensured the longevity of the fields – it was impossible to destroy all layers by visiting just one spot, thus giving enough time for the Resistance to rebuild and add layers. The most significant input in this matter was from agent @Alfux, who, among other adventures, had a 12 hour drive visiting Sekonys and making 19 blue layers on Wednesday.

When the multilayer was finally taken down from all three corners on Saturday night, the accumulated MU was sufficient to beat the previous best cycle score of 1.9M MU.

2019-04-03 23:46

The impossible cycle

On Monday night Vilnius Resistance covered the city with a multilayer, which not only stood through the night and accumulated 19M MU, but also managed to overturn the result of the cycle which otherwise had seemed lost.

Septicycle 2019.12 started to go south on Friday night when a successful fielding by Enlightenment put them 18M mind units ahead in the cycle. Green fields covered the city for three checkpoints. Saturday OP by the Resistance won back only 5M mind units, as the fields survived only one checkpoint. Sunday went by with most of the team tired from the previous day or doing non-ingress stuff, and the remaining two days of the cycle looked grim – start of the work-week with few convenient CP times.

Surprisingly, enough volunteers signed up on Monday morning for one last attempt. The fielding was scheduled on midnight, hoping that the fields will stay up for the 1 AM checkpoint and through the night. During the day a plan of 19 layers (Dieveniškės-Sekonys-Kernavė/Našlėnai) was carefully drafted and responsibilities assigned. It needed to stay up for at least three checkpoints to have a chance to overturn the cycle result. Then, almost at the last minute the drawing was revised, more layers added, making a total of 25, and additional fielding from Švenčionys outlined.

The evening turned out to be tense. First, the fielding started 25 minutes late, when navigation system of one of the cleaners acted up and sent him in the opposite direction from his alert. Then, one layer was lost due to an unchecked small cross-link in Jašiūnai (remember the last minute changes?). Another one – because of a portal, which turned out to be inside a gated territory with guard dogs (submitted in the wrong location, as we later found out).

Despite the delays, fielding was finished before 1 AM. 23 layers went through the checkpoint, gaining 6M mind units. The same result repeated for the morning checkpoint, tipping the cycle average in favor of the Resistance (the chart below pictures measurement results and running averages of the first 34 CPs). The last 2 checkpoints were like waiting for the final whistle in the soccer match. The cycle was won, continuing the longest Resistance winning streak in NR03-ECHO-14.

The bulk of the largest fields was taken down after three checkpoints, and now only 6 layers are over town, earning about 1M mind units at each measurement in the new cycle.

Short zoo-sightings report of the night:

  • 11 hares
  • 8 roe deer
  • 5 cats
  • a fox
  • and a „night bird” (probably an owl)

Photo: @HikerWithDog

Plan — @KabinZ
Intel — @KabinZ, @INeedMoreTime
Key-breeding — @pukisBalta
Cleaning — @susivienijimas, @Zymanc, @RoastedDuck, @ApuokasKvadratu, @KabinZ, @trajakas289
Fielding — @Alfux (Dieveniškės), @MartynasAxe and @GintarisLTU (Švenčionys), @lordb1 and @kamiccolo (Kernavė), @shimis and @BinaryConflict (Našlėnai)
Checkpoint — 01:00 Tue 2 Apr (UTC+3)
Layers — 23 (from 230K to 312K in size)
MU captured — 19M (6M at first 2 CPs) and counting
Number of checkpoints — 8 and counting at the time of writing
Medals — Black (@lordb1)

Blue sky over Vilnius on Saturday

5M MU – not so bad for a plan which was whipped up in 30 minutes. A special nod to the team, who executed it flawlessly and still had the energy to catch pokemon and submit new portals.

Plan and intel — @INeedMoreTime
Cleaning — @cryingrock1, @Zymanc, @lordb1
Fielding — @MartynasAxe, @cuteMiho, @GintarisLTU, @susivienijimas, @KabinZ, @ApuokasKvadratu
Checkpoint — 17:00 Sat 30 Mar (UTC+3)
Layers — 19, from 235K to 310K in size
MU captured — 5M

BlueCities4 Vilniuje ir Kaune

Naktį iš kovo 8 d. į kovo 9 dieną visame pasaulyje ketvirtą kartą vyko Pasipriešinimo renginys BlueCities, kurio metu bandoma uždengti kuo daugiau miestų mėlynais laukais. Kad laukas matytųsi „bendroje nuotraukoje“, trikampio kraštinės turi būti mažiausiai 60 km. Šį kartą prie renginio prisijungė Vilniaus ir Kauno RES komandos. Štai kaip jų bendras darbas atrodė Europos kontekste:

O viskas prasidėjo ganėtinai nekaltai (ištrauka iš @SeletonXC ir @INeedMoreTime pokalbio):

Planavimas ir pasiruošimas truko apie dvi savaites ir netrukus iš „norime greitai išsivalyti ir užsimesti kokį 20 sluoksnių“ pavirto į rimtą 40 sluoksnių 26 milijonų MU dengimą, kuris puošė dviejų didžiausių šalies miestų – Vilniaus ir Kauno  – padanges beveik 20 valandų. Tuometinė situacija žemėlapyje natūraliai padiktavo trikampį Jurbarkas-Varėna/Marcinkonys-Sekonys su 150, 180 ir 200 km kraštinėmis.

Šį kartą įspūdžių parsivežė net ir raktų rinkėjai. Sekonių ekipažui kelyje pradėjo varvėti radiatorius, grasindamas juos palikti stumti automobilio „viduryje niekur“, ir privertęs palikti neužbaigtą dėmesio nukreipimo operaciją šiaurėje. Jurbarko ekipažui tai buvo jau trečia kelionė „visiškai slaptai“ režimu į šį miestą, dėl ko vienas komandos narys eilinį kartą liko be unique capture.

Savaitė prieš dengimą pažėrė pasikeitusių planų ir sugedusių automobilių, bet ekipažų užsidegimas ir atsirandantys entuziastingi savanoriai viršijo lūkesčius. Dengimo išvakarėse @sooriz su @Alfux ir @kamiccolo suorganizavo preliminarų bandomąjį valymą Naujojoje Vilnioje su mintimi patikrinti, kas ir kaip greitai sureaguos. Nors po jų pašėliojimo atrodė, kad kitą vakarą teks išvirusuoti pusę Naujosios Vilnios, priešininkai patogiai nurankiojo visus trukdžiusius mėlynus portalus kaip tik dengimo pradžiai.

Vėlyvas CP užtikrino saugumą nuo atsitiktinių trukdžių, todėl pagrindiniais oponentais liko laikas, tamsa ir apledėję keliai. Valymui buvo skirtas pusvalandis, pirmi laukai turėjo atsirasti 10 minučių iki vidurnakčio. Viskas įvyko pagal planą, net ir įskaitant tą faktą, kad per vėlai apsižiūrėjus, jog L5 portalas be linkampų nepasieks viršūnės, Jurbarko ekipažo vairuotojui teko paskubom grįžti pas miškuose paliktą šturmaną.

Laukai išstovėjo iki kitos dienos vėlyvos popietės. Praėjus dviems CP juos šiek tiek apskabė keli pro viršūnes važiavę Nušvitusieji, bet dar nemažai sluoksnių liko trečiam CP, ir tik po jo priešininkai galutinai nuėmė laukus. Liko viena kraštinė, kuri naujų idėjų laukia iki šiol (jau daugiau kaip dešimt dienų).

Komandos iš arčiau:



Ledo takeliu iki tikslo:

Dangus sudarė komandoms kelią perbėgusių gyvūnų suvestinę (nė vienas gyvūnas vykdant operaciją nenukentėjo):

  • Stirnos: 3
  • Lapės: 4
  • Katė!: 1

Vilniaus ląstelei nr03-echo-14 šis ciklas tapo šventiniu, pagaliau persvėrusiu visų laikų laimėtų ciklų skaičių (129 RES prieš 128 ENL). Ta proga statistikos lentelė pradėjo rodyti Pasipriešinimo simbolį:

O kaunietis @SeletonXC pasiekė asmeninį tikslą: būti pirmu pagal viename cikle surinktus MU Vilniaus ląstelėje.

O taip atrodo 40 sluoksnių po Prime senesniame telefone:

Idėja ir planas: @SeletonXC, Gregas, @INeedMoreTime

Dangus: @INeedMoreTime, @NePaWytas

Rinko raktus: @KabinZ ir @ApuokasKvadratu (Sekonys), @Exonn ir @Dziunguciai (Jurbarakas),
@Dzedajus ir @Solesita (Varėna)

Dengėjai: @Vilpalu, @SeletonXC, @Spaudikas,
@susivienijimas, @Schkatz, @MartynasAxe, @Alfux

Valytojai: @KickTheBucket, @Solesita,
@KabinZ, @ApuokasKvadratu, @Exonn, @Vorfas, @Zymanc, @lordb1, @GintarisLTU, @BinaryConflict, @kamiccolo, @sooriz, @sawazzz, @DzeimsasLt, @pukisbalta, @Roole2019, @Dzedajus, @Dziunguciai, @Fantomasas (rezervas), @Chateux, @Vejopuciodukra, @RoastedDuck, @Zioma, @OldSchoolAce

Kontrolinis taškas (CP): 2019-03-09 (šeštadienis) 01:00 (UTC+2)

Sluoksniai: 40 (dydis nuo 620K iki 720K MU)

Surinkta MU: 26M MU per CP

CP skaičius: 2 pilni (trečią CP išstovėjo dalis laukų)

Mėlynas dangus Vilniuje jau 10 kontrolinių taškų

Nuo sekmadienio vakaro Vilnius skendi mėlynoje jūroje. 10 kontrolinių taškų, ir, panašu, šis skaičius tik didės.

Padaryta su FotoJet

Idėja ir planas: @KabinZ
Dangus: @GintarisLTU, @INeedMoreTime
Dengėjai: @Kar****kis (vyruko IGN sutampa su vieno garsaus Lietuvos politiko pavarde, galite ją pamatyti ekranvaizdžiuose), @kamiccolo, @hikerwithdog, @pukisBalta, @Roole2019, @susivienijimas
Valytojai: @MartynasAxe, @Alfux, @shimis, @ApuokasKvadratu, @KabinZ, @Perkuns2, @OldSchoolAce, @Zymanc, @RoastedDuck, @Trajakas289
Kontrolinis taškas (CP): 2019-02-17 (sekmadienis) 21:00 (UTC+2)
Sluoksniai: 24 (dydis nuo 232K iki 302K MU)
Surinkta MU: 5,6M MU per CP
CP skaičius: 10 ir didėja
Medaliai: Platina (@Kar****kis)

100 fields to celebrate 100 years


This week the Republic of Lithuania is celebrating 100 years of the Restored Independence. On February 16, 1918 the Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence and proclaimed re-establishing an independent state, based on democratic principles and severing all previous links with other states. While various celebrations are happening all around the country (, the Resistance agents from Kaunas and Vilnius made a multi-layer of 100 fields over the town of Kaunas and dedicated it to the 100 years of Lithuanian State.