Every MU matters

The field that could have saved the cycle

The 2019.14 turned out to be a tough cycle in NR03-ECHO-14. The biggest confrontation was mostly on the local-level, with both factions focused on destroying BAFs on the outskirts of town and building their own. This cycle witnessed much more activity around the checkpoints and strategically placed cross-links than many others before it. The results seemed quite similar, but the Enlightened were in the lead at every checkpoint. By the end of the cycle it was clear that a city-covering field is needed for the Resistance to overturn the result.

Fields at 2019-04-16 20.00 CP

After some discussion the fielding was scheduled for the 33rd checkpoint. That evening was a bit chaotic. The plan was finalized mere minutes before the teams set on the road and the transcript was only three lines. One cleaning crew had only 100 XMPs on two people. The opposition was prepared (which is something to be expected when you use the same base-link third time in a row) – there were at least three Enlightened teams making cross-links and delaying the fielding. As a pleasant surprise – one portion of the cross-links went out into the opposite direction, as they probably expected a larger field. The experience of the Resistance teams and sheer luck was what made it possible to put up the fields just before the checkpoint. Two newbies were suddenly promoted to fielders and dropped-off on the anchor as their driver rushed off to take-out the final cross-link. Three layers went through the checkpoint, which was enough to overturn the result at the checkpoint.

Late-night work by @kamiccolo and @shimis

Everyone scattered around afterwards, trying to take out as much green, as possible. One team patrolled the southern part of town for better half of the night. Both factions made final local fields in the early morning, before the 6 AM checkpoint.

2019.14 34th CP
2019.14 35th CP

After such hustle, the morning was a bit anticlimactic. The Resistance had lost the cycle by only 15 MU (126.967 to 126.982). Which means that less than 550 MU were needed to win the cycle – one more layer at the checkpoint, one more inner field, one more taken-down green field… That „one more” didn’t happen for the Resistance that night, reminding once again the lesson, that every MU in every little corner of the cell counts towards the victory.

Participants of the 33rd CP fielding:

Plan — @KabinZ
Intel — @INeedMoreTime
Cleaning — @Alfux, @Kabinz, @ApuokasKvadratu, @trajakas289, @Zymanc, @Perkuns2, @pukisBalta, @cryingrock1
Fielding — @lordb1 and @kamiccolo (Našlėnai), @gosferano and @cryingrock1 (Turgeliai)
Checkpoint — 20:00 Tue 16 Apr (UTC+3)
Layers — 3
MU captured — about 690K MU
Medals — gold (@gosferano)

Also, two level-ups that night (@gosferano and @shimis)

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