2017-07-06 Vilniaus žvaigždė

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In honor of King Mindaugas inauguration day 15 agents created more than 550 links into to portals in the heart of the old town of Vilnius. Event started at 00:00 local time and in less than an hour we had 500 links already. This was first ever operation for some of us and it was clean and fun.

Thanks to all who helped us.

2017-06-06 Lietuvos dengimas

56M MUs in 14 layers over the lands once inhabited by Aestian tribes

This is what Resistance agents from six countries – Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Sweden – have put up for the checkpoint in the early hours of June 7th. More than 50 agents cleared 230+ alerts opening up about 2500 km of linking lanes – these are just some of the numbers to get the feeling of the scope of the operation.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/Vr7ZtWSCSMLm6svQA

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2017-06-01 BlitzVilnius

Vilnius Resistance celebrated the first day of summer with a blast. In an operation, which received the name BlitzVilnius, the town was covered with a 270K MU blue blanket. Three layers went through the checkpoint, with approximately 886K MU, establishing a strong Resistance lead in this cycle.

@MommyBlues https://plus.google.com/+LauraSavi%C4%8Dien%C4%97/posts/d4398YsSvzq

Smurfų #SecondSaturday 2017-04-08

Antrąjį balandžio šeštadienį Vilniaus smurfai vėl susirungė #SecondSaturday varžybose. 14 dalyvių per 12 valandų stengėsi surinkti kuo daugiau AP ir atsiimti prizą su naudingais itemais. Šį kartą laimėjo @wapqer su 786388, antrąją vietą užėmė kelioms savaitėms į Vilnių atvykęs @MartynasAxe. Nors miestas ir labiau pamėlynavo, šeštadienį nei vienas žaidėjas negavo Naraxerio.
Laukiam gegužės su naujais lyderiais!