Saturday link-star

648-link star in Vilnius center

Last Saturday night seven Resistance agents made a supernova of 648 links from Vilnius old town and city center portals.

The tale has it, that the keys for this XM structure were gathered last summer and patiently awaited the right time in players’ inventories. There were several attempts at organizing the linking earlier in the year, but they inconveniently coincided with overhead blue fields, like this one.

648 link star

This Saturday night the action started around 10PM, and by 2AM everyone have already headed to the bar. The cleaning and linking went smoothly, with very few glitches. One frog woke up and chased the team around a bit, destroying some of the links, about 30 of them. Also, one unknowing foreigner made a few cross-links in Užupis, at the cost of 5 Jarvis viruses.

Ground team’s after-party


Intel: @GintarisLTU
Key-farm: @gosferano, @hidele, @GintarisLTU
Key-keeping: @hidele, @gosferano, @LiferOp, @GintarisLTU, @QuantumWitch, @cuteMiho
Ground Team: @OneD34 ,@Erylicious , @gosferano, @roastedduck , @Zymanc , @LiferOP , @hidele